Blondin Bridge

Air Date

August 1st 2012

Written by


Previous Episode

Skarloey, Rusty and the Snow

Next Episode

Mavis and the Late Night Track Repairs

Blondin Bridge is the second episode of the Sixteenth Season.


Peter Sam forgot to put signposts on the Blondin Bridge track. when he notice his mistake, it's too late, Merrick saw Rheneas coming with a long train of slate from the upper terrace, the engines told the quarry master to sound the alarm, Rheneas heard the alarm, he decides to break but his heavy cars push him to the bridge, Old Bailey shows a flag for Rheneas stop, but instead of red, it's green and Rheneas was confused, meanwhile the cars push him until the bridge become near and near, Rheneas made a quick decision and crosses the bridge while his weight is collapsing the bridge, the last car almost falls but Rheneas crosses the bridge safely with all his cars on the rails, everyone is relieved and later, Toby takes Rheneas to the steamworks.




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