Different Languages!

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August 28th 2012

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Different Languages! is the twelfth episode of the fifth season.


Juan is a spanish tramp steamer who lives in a harbour near Colombia, he was rebuilt and now he was working for the mines carrying rocks and stone by the sea. one day he saw a fishing boat called Lukas on the other harbour. Lukas was a foreign boat, he spoke a different language, the language was Portuguese, some words from the portuguese language are the same from the spanish language. but both Lukas and Juan didn't understand well, Juan asked if he understand the spanish and Japanese language. but Lukas was still talking Portuguese. the boats go to Brendam Docks, where a dock worker salute the ships, Juan told the man about Lukas. for Juan's surprise, the dock worker was a Cuban man, and he understood what Juan was saying, and he explained all about Lukas. and told Juan to speak English for Lukas understand. and finally, Lukas understand Juan.



  • This is the ninth episode written by Quimby&walterfan.
  • This is the first episode where a foreign language is spoken - Portuguese and Japanese.
  • Victor's Yellow model is seen on a ship near Brendam Docks.
  • Also, a scrap model of Marklin is seen on a Junk barge.



  • Juan: Bueños Días! 'おはようございます! Habla Español? Japonés? Inglés?
  • Lukas: Me Chamo Lukas e não sei do que você está falando...


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