Donald's Goods is the 2nd episode for the sixth season


Its a busy day on sodor, Sir Topham Hatt has a very importent goods train that needs to be taken to Brendem docks. Donald vollenters. Dougles asks if he can help, but Donald refuses. Donald is puffing througe the country side, and Emily asks for help, as she is out of water, But Donald says hes busy. Later he sees Percy, who asks for help up Gordon's Hill. Again, Donald refuses. But, as Donald nears Brendem, he breacks down. Emily passes him by, and says Shes busy, as Does percy. But Dougles helps his twin. Sir Topham Hatt conragulates Donald, but he says That Dougles should be congragulated instead.



  • This was the first episode writen by Sunshinetug


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