Duncan's Donuts

Air Date

June 8th 2012

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Thomas and the New House

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Murdoch and the Heavy Goods Train

Duncan's Donuts is the second episode of the third season.


The Little Engines of the narrow gauge railway are busy, while Skarloey and Rheneas are busy patroling the little engines at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Mr. Percival chosen Duncan and Sir Handel to take freight cars of food to a costumer, soon the two engines recognized his costumer, it was The Refreshment Lady, and her delivery was crates full of Donuts and many snacks. then Mr. Percival arrived, he told Sir Handel to help Victor, Victor was delivering a new boiler from the Boiler Factory to the Corvan's Gate Steamworks, and Sir Handel left to the Factory, Duncan was not happy, he wanted an engine to do his work, so he left to the Depot and he find Rusty, Rusty was shunting the breakdown crane into place when Duncan shouted for help, Rusty was worried, he needed to take Sir Topham Hatt on a tour around the railway, but he agreed to help Duncan, Duncan leave Rusty alone at the The Refreshment Lady's kiosk, Rusty was breathless, the freight cars are heavy and the shunter has put on the brakes in the freight cars, so they cannot move, Rusty didn't know that, neither his driver, the couplings between Rusty and the freight cars broke, Rusty raced into a siding and derailed, Duncan saw everything and he laughs at Rusty's accident. then, Mr. Percival arrived he asked Duncan why Rusty was taking the freight cars, Duncan gulped, Mr. Percival talked with Rusty before, if Duncan lie, Mr. Percival will find the true and he will be in trouble, so Duncan confessed to Mr. Percival all about Rusty's accident, Mr. Percival was not cross with Duncan, but he ordered Duncan to take Rusty and the empty freight cars back to the depot.



  • Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds
  • The Refreshment Lady's Stand
  • The Boiler Factory (mentioned)
  • Sodor Steamworks (mentioned)


  • In this episode, The Sodor Steamworks is referred as "Corvan's Gate Steamworks"
  • this is the second story written by Quimby&walterfan.
  • DonaldDouglasandToby6 is added to credits as writter for the first time.

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