Henry and the Coal

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Air Date

July 12th, 2012

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The Return of D199

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Fishy Trouble

Henry and the Coal is the ninth episode of the fourth season.


Henry needs to take Mr. Munoz, a railway inspector around the island, Henry wants to show the inspector how he is important to the railway, first he talk about his special coal, Mr. Munoz didn't listen to him, and spoke how will be the tour around the railway, then 'Arry and Bert arrived, they were taking coal freight cars to the docks, Henry decided to talk about his shiny paint to them, they didn't listen to Henry, later, Henry was going to the docks, then he saw Edward near a building, Edward was shunting freight cars, Henry take the wrong line who lead into a siding, Henry broke the buffers and damaged the whole building, soon, all the rubble was on the ground. Mr. Munoz was booming, that was his railway inspection dept, and Henry destroy it, Henry was very sad, he leave Mr. Munoz behind, and he arrived at the rescue center, Sir Topham Hatt was very cross with him, but Henry quickly take Rocky to the rescue, after that Henry promised not to be best to anyone.




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