This list is for human characters who appeared in the new episodes.

Farmer McColl

Farmer McColl owns a farm and a field on the Island of Sodor, he has many animals including sheeps, chickens, cows, lambs and a sheep dog called Katie, some of his animals produce food like eggs and milk, he produce fruits on his orchad and vegetables on his field, also he is a good friend with Farmer Trotter.

Farmer Trotter

Farmer Trotter owns a pig farm, they are fed with apples who Farmer Trotter collect on his orchard, sometimes the engines bring apples and many other food for the pigs, they have a barn to sleep and a ground with mud, his pigs goes to market and country shows in days of event with animals, Farmer Trotter is a good friend with Thomas and Farmer McColl

Cyril the Fogman

Cyril is a friendly Fogman who lives on Misty Valley, he warns the engines about landslides when there's fog. later, he become a lighthouse keeper and now he warns the ships. Cyril is a good friend with Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller is a lady who makes stories about sodor, once she was invited to the library opening and make a story about sodor, when Thomas helped his friend The Storyteller decided to make a story about Thomas, she is good friend with Lady Hatt.

Mrs. Kyndley

Mrs. Kyndley is an elderly lady who lives in a cottage on Sodor. once, when she was ill, she warned Thomas about a landslide with a red dress. later, she was invited to the christmas party at tidmouth, she is good friend with Thomas, Percy and Toby.


Old Bailey

Old Bailey was a stationmaster who was mistaken with a ghost by Henry, now he works at the Blue Mountain Quarry. he warned Rheneas about Boldin' Bridge who was falling down.


Lord Callan

Lord Callan lives on Callan's Castle, he has a Scottish accent and sometimes makes parties and events on Callan's Castle, he is good friend with Sir Topham Hatt.

Tom Tipper

Tom Tipper is a postman who deliver letters and parcels to Thomas and Percy at Callan. once, his manager takes his old van out of service and gives a Bike to him, when Percy smashed the bike into pieces Tom Tipper gets his old back back, who makes him happy. Tom Tipper is good friends with Thomas and Percy.

The Vicar of Wellsworth

The Vicar of Wellsworth is the vicar of a church on Wellsworth, his real name is Charlesand he has a friend called Jem Cole and he has a orchard where Trevor lives. once, he takes a bee hive to tidmouth station where the porter accidentally drops from the trolley, and a bee pricked James on the nose.

The Experts

The Experts are two people who works on sodor museum studying about Dinosaurs, one of them has a red moustache and another has a fuzzy beard.

Mrs. Percival

Mrs. Polly Percival is Mr. Percival's wife. once on her birthday, Sir Handel takes Mr.and Mrs. Percival to Culdee Fell for a picnic, where he have trouble.

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