James is a red mixed-traffic engine.


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Season 1 - Races, Paxton Helps Out, Bulgy the Vegetable Bus (cameo), The New Diesel Fuel, Bears, Cranky Cranky, Dave the Diesel (cameo), and James and the Ice Cream

Season 2 - Unique Stafford, Rosie and the Flying Kipper (cameo), The Magic Railroad, Tim and Tom (cameo), Sodor Blackout, Down by the Docks, The Bees' Knees, Hiro goes Home, Off to the Scrapyards, and Thomas and the Christmas Surprise (cameo)

Season 3 - Duck and the Aligators (cameo), The Rude Truck (cameo), Red Paint, Replacing the Logging Locos, Oliver and the Old Mansion, Musical Whistles, Snowmen, and Duke Returns

Season 4 - Thomas and the Fireworks, Diesel and the Barge (cameo), Muddy Thomas, The Return of D199, Henry and the Coal (cameo), Colin and the Party (cameo), Stanley and the Old Scrap, James the Really Splendid Engine and Bulgy's Chickens

Season 5 - James and Dennis and James' Bee