James the Really Splendid Engine

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July 24th 2012

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Neil the New Engine

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Boat Race

James the Really Splendid Engine is the twenty-first episode of Season 4.


James is feeling grumpy about all the extra work he has to do. Oliver and Percy tell him that he just needs something special! James takes no notice and carries on. Oliver and Percy are sent to the docks to work and Cranky tells them that the Carnival is coming! Cranky loads Oliver and Percy's trucks they need and the two engines head out. The Carnival is all set up at wellsworth and the two stay there. Meanwhile James was still grumbling. James was sent to take a goods train to Wellsworth. James had started off when a man stopped him. he asked for a ride in the breakvan and James' driver said he could. James took him to Wellsworth and delivered his goods. He went to the Carnival siding with Oliver and Percy, and James found out that the man he gave a ride was the carnival's opener! Without James' help he wouldn't have been able to open the carnival!



  • This is the second episode written by SR3DFilms.
  • Stock Footage from The Bees' Knees is used.


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