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Juan is a spanish old tramp steamer built in 1920, he was scrapped when he crashed into some rocks, he sank, and a few weeks later, he was scrapped. after being rebuild, he works at the harbour on Colombia, sometimes he comes to sodor for make deliveries, he has a friend called Lukas, but they only understand each other when they speak English.


Salty tells a story about Juan's accident to Percy when he was taking some engine parts to Sidney at the Dieselworks. once, Juan and Violett made a race to see who's the faster, and later Juan met his friend Lukas at brendam, but they didn't understand each other until they spoke English.



  • Juan was named as a reference of Juan Diego Muños Suares, an producer.
  • Juan was faceless in Season 3, but he receives a face in Season 4.


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