Neil the New Engine

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July 23, 2012

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Buster and George

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James the Really Splendid Engine

Neil the New Engine is the twentieth episode of fourth season.


Derek had been working with Bill and Ben at the China Clay works. But one day Derek had a terrible accident with BoCo's runaway trucks. So Neil was called in from the railway museum to help out. Bill and Ben hated Neil and wouldn't let him help with the long heavy China Clay Train. But when Bill and Ben failed Neil pulled through and made the delivery to the docks. Now the three are friends and Neil has stayed at the China Clay Works.



  • This is the first story made by SR3DFilms.
  • This episode marks Neil's first speaking role.
  • This marks Derek's first speaking role since the first season.
  • A recreated flashback from the Railway Series is used
  • This episode uses stock footage from Bill and the Pit.


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