Peter Sam's Delivery

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July 6th, 2012

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Thomas and the Fireworks

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Diesel and the Barge

Peter Sam's Delivery is the third episode of the fourth season.


Thomas and Percy were visiting the blue mountain quarry for shunt slate cars. meanwhile, Peter Sam was taking slate cars to Skarloey, he was waiting at the bottom of the hill, many rocks were falling into Peter Sam's track some rocks hit Peter Sam's boiler and cab, Peter Sam was worried he was wobbling, if his wheels derail, he will fall onto the edge, at last he arrived at the hopper, Mr. Percival was there, and he was not happy with Peter Sam's late. Skarloey could see why Peter Sam was late, his boiler was scratched and he was sad, Skarloey told Peter Sam all about Paxton's accident with Boulder, instead of making Peter Sam determined, he become even worried. the next day, he was taking a slow goods train around the quarry, soon, many rocks fall into Peter Sam's boiler, one of then stay between Peter Sam's wheels and he derail, Mr. Percival arrived on Rheneas, he could see how Peter Sam was worried and this time, he decided to give Peter Sam a rest, and he chose Rheneas to do Peter Sam's work for a week, Peter Sam was very happy indeed.



  • This is the fifth episode written by Quimby&walterfan.
  • Stock footage from Sleepy Merrick is used.


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