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Season 1

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February 16, 2012 - May 4, 2012

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  1. Luke and the Special Party - Luke doesn't feel special, so he asks for help to arrange something the railway would like.
  2. Races - Thomas and Percy laugh for winning their races, but Bertie and Harold get the last laugh.
  3. Paxton Helps Out - Paxton runs away from the Dieselworks, and helps out Thomas.
  4. Where's BoCo? - Bill and Ben cause BoCo to get lost.
  5. Bulgy the Vegetable Bus - Bulgy wants to pull passengers again.
  6. Duck and the Field Trip - Duck takes some kids on a field trip.
  7. The New Diesel Fuel - Den and Dart use a new type of diesel fuel.
  8. Rusty and Victor - Rusty and the other Skarloey Railway engines meet Victor who came for a visit.
  9. Repairing Old Slow Coach - Old Slow Coach wants to be properly repaired.
  10. Bears - Bear meets a bear in the forest, by accident.
  11. Bertie and the Fog - Bertie tries to find his shed, but ends up at the Quarry!
  12. Sleepy Merrick - Merrick sleeps too much, so now nobody can wake him up.
  13. Whiff the Clean Engine - Whiff gets too dirty and needs a washdown, but he doesn't want to being a dirty engine.
  14. Thomas and the Kitten - Thomas and Flynn rescue a kitten named Milo who is stuck in the Wishing Tree, but after being saved, he jumps in Percy's cab!
  15. Cranky Cranky - Cranky gets in a bad mood, and as a result causes trouble.
  16. Oliver and the Snowstorm - Oliver gets stuck in a snowstorm.
  17. Dave the Diesel - Diesel 10 wants Dave, the new diesel, to be mean, but Dave wouldn't be convinced.
  18. Salty Fries - Salty delivers potatoes to market, but ends up having a delay from the Horrid Lorries.
  19. Rex and the Tires - Rex tries to delivers tires to Doug, the new Small Railway lorry.
  20. Bothered Byron - Byron is sad that no one notices him, so he tries to be noticed.
  21. James and the Ice Cream - James delivers some ice cream.
  22. Toby and Jennifer - Toby tries to show Jennifer, the new engine, that he is really useful.
  23. Funny Jokes - Bill and Ben play one joke too many.
  24. Donald, Douglas and the Fallen Tree - Donald and Douglas get stuck at a fallen tree.
  25. The Lightning Tree - The Lightning Tree is struck by lighting again, so Jack tries to save it.
  26. Dash and the Fair - Dash tries to find a fair, but needs help.


Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Dave
  • Jennifer
  • Doug
  • The Wildlife Experts
  • Milo