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Season 2

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May 8, 2012 - June 2, 2012

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Juan Diego Munoz Suarez


  1. Unique Stafford - Stafford gets teased by Henry, Gordon, and James for being an electrical engine.
  2. Rosie and the Flying Kipper - Henry warns Rosie about the Flying Kipper, but Rosie doesn't listen.
  3. Yellow Rheneas - Rheneas gets a new coat of paint, but isn't sure if he wants it.
  4. Den and the Firefighter - Den is chosen to take a fire truck to the Dieselworks.
  5. Hay - Thomas delivers some hay to Farmer Trotter, but George rolls right over it!
  6. Trevor and the Mud - Emily is taking Trevor to the airport, but Trevor doesn't want to get dirty.
  7. The Magic Railroad - Lady returns, so Diesel 10 tries to destroy once and for all.
  8. Flora's New Coach - Flora's tram coach is worn, so she has to use Henrietta.
  9. Wobbly Wheels - Billy's wheels wobble for no reason.
  10. King of the Mountains - Freddie thinks he's king of the mountains, but the engines prove him wrong.
  11. Tim and Tom - Two twin tender engines arrive on Sodor.
  12. Rock Quarry Run - Bill and Ben cause an avalanche at Anopha Quarry.
  13. Daisy and the Chickens - Daisy has to deliver cooked chickens to the market.
  14. Winston the World's Smallest Car - Winston feels small.
  15. Sugar - Rosie loses a sugar truck, and the truck runs right into Stepney!
  16. Paxton in Trouble - Paxton gets covered in slate.
  17. Sodor Blackout - A blackout occurs, so Toby and Duck are sent to help.
  18. Duncan and Smudger - Smudger returns since Luke isn't around..
  19. Sodor Snow Storm! - Rex Gets Stuck in some snow!
  20. The Bees' Knees - James boasts about being called the "Bees' Knees."
  21. Hiro goes Home - Hiro plans to go home, but Thomas doesn't want to say goodbye.
  22. Luke and the Cuban Repairs - Luke tells the other engines about his annual repairs in Cuba.
  23. Kelly's Stormy Day - Kelly worries about a flood.
  24. Off to the Scrapyards - Diesel frightens Percy, so he runs away, but he arrives at the scrapyards!
  25. Thomas and the Christmas Surprise - Thomas takes the Christmas train to Tidmouth Sheds.
  26. Percy and the Other Railway - Percy thinks the Other Railway is really cruel.


Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Tim and Tom
  • Jake
  • Diesel 100
  • Max
  • Smith