This is about Season 3.

Season 3

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June 7, 2012 - July 2, 2012

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  1. Thomas and the New House - Thomas is sent to help build a new house
  2. Duncan's Donuts - Duncan doesn't want to take donuts.
  3. Murdoch and the Heavy Goods Train - Salty and Harvey bother Murdoch
  4. The Forest Fire - Henry is worried his forest will be destroyed when a forest fire strikes.
  5. Apples - Edward tries to deliver his apples, but Thomas's giraffe keeps eating them.
  6. Henry and Stanley - Henry wants Stanley to be his friend.
  7. Duck and the Aligators - Duck is sent to take some aligators to the Animal Park.
  8. The Rude Truck - A truck named Larry comes to Sodor.
  9. Red Paint - James needs red paint.
  10. Grumpy George - George is in a bad mood.
  11. Replacing the Logging Locos - Sir Topham Hatt wants to replace Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand,
  12. The Tug - Salty tells a story of an old tramp steamer named Juan to Percy.
  13. Scruff's Dirty Job - Scruff gets a new job, but wants to gets a dirty job.
  14. The Gold Mine - Henry explores a gold mine.
  15. The Mail Depot - Diesel wants to do a different job than shunt freight cars.
  16. Harvey Joins the Team - Harvey joins the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre team.
  17. Culdee and the Steep Hill - Culdee tries to get over a steep hill
  18. Out of the Mine - Henry gets out of the gold mine.
  19. Sir Handel, Rusty and the Runaway Boulder - Boulder chases Sir Handel and Rusty.
  20. Rheneas and the Bridge - Rheneas derails on a bridge.
  21. Oliver and the Old Mansion - Oliver discovers an old mansion.
  22. Dennis and Norman - Dennis and Norman meet for the first time.
  23. The Adventure - Emily is bored of shunting, so she makes an adventure.
  24. Musical Whistles - The engines use their whistles to use for a rhythm for the Sodor Brass Band.
  25. Snowmen - The children build snowmen on the tracks, but cause disaster.
  26. Duke Returns - At last, Duke returns from the Steamworks.


Characters IntroducedEdit

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