This is about Season 4.

Season 4

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July 4, 2012 - July 29, 2012

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Daniel Munoz



  1. Hiro's New Snowplough - Hiro recieves a new snowplough.
  2. Thomas and the Fireworks - Thomas collects some fireworks.
  3. Peter Sam's Delivery - Peter Sam is late, so Mr. Percival uses Rheneas to do his work.
  4. Diesel and the Barge - Diesel falls into a barge.
  5. Muddy Thomas - Thomas gets covered in mud.
  6. The New Fire Station - A new fire station is being built at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre.
  7. Stepney's Spooky Night - Stepney is scared of the night because he dosn't want to get lost.
  8. The Return of D199 - D199 returns to get his revenge because of Percy saying the Other Railway is cruel.
  9. Henry and the Coal - Mr. Munoz, a railway inspector comes to inspect Henry.
  10. Fishy Trouble - Hank has to deliver fish to market.
  11. Special Twins - Skarloey and Rheneas see Talyllyn and Dolgoch.
  12. Colin and the Party - Freddie makes a party for Colin.
  13. The Trouble with Trucks - Oliver pulls S.C. Ruffey apart again.
  14. Tiger Moth the Show-off - Tiger Moth shows off to Harold.
  15. The Country Show - Thomas takes Victor to the Country show.
  16. Stanley and the Old Scrap - Stanley finds the remains of Juan.
  17. Runaway Coach - Thomas is pulling Annie and Clarabel, but Annie's coupling snaps.
  18. Bill and the Pit - Bill falls into a pit.
  19. Buster and George - George is sent to work with the Pack.
  20. Neil the New Engine - Neil is sent to help out at the China Clay Works with Bill and Ben.
  21. James the Really Splendid Engine - James is feeling grumpy and Oliver and Percy try to cheer him up.
  22. Boat Race - Juan and Violett want to know which of the 2 is faster, then make a race
  23. The Final Race - Thomas and Bertie decide once and for all who is faster.
  24. Bulgy's Chickens - Bulgy deals with his chickens which miss their home.
  25. Percy and the Scottish Castle - Percy takes supplies to Castle Loch.
  26. Toby's Seaside Trip - Toby takes the Hatts on a seaside trip.


Characters IntroducedEdit

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