This is about Season 5.

Season 5

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July 30, 2012 -

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DonaldDouglasandToby6 Quimbyandwalterfan Daniel Munoz SR3Dfilms Juan Diego Munos Suares


  1. Skarloey, Rusty and the Snow - Skalroey and Rusty battle there way through the snow and get into trouble.
  2. Blondin Bridge - Rheneas crosses a broken bridge while it's collapsing at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
  3. Mavis and the Late Night Track Repairs - Mavis needs to repair an old line.
  4. Which Way? - Mighty Mac takes some holidaymakers in the mountains.
  5. James and Dennis - Dennis tricks James.
  6. Thomas and the Dare - Gordon dares Thomas to go to London.
  7. Duncan and the Ghost Engine - Sir Handel and Duncan think Bertram is a ghost.
  8. Toby and Rheneas - Toby is chosen to carry Rheneas across the island to choose a tree for Christmas
  9. James' Bee - Sir Topham Hatt, have an error in the Steamworks and James is depicted as a bee
  10. Different Languages! - Lukas and Juan are foreign ships who speaks two different languages, but one didn't understand another.
  11. Percy and the Jam - Percy crash into a baggage trolley full of jam.
  12. The Magic Engine - Victor tells Peter Sam, on an engine passing through there and Peter Sam goes looking.
  13. Henry Go to the Sea - Henry plunges into the sea.
  14. Best Quality Milk - A Milk factory is open on the canal.
  15. Down by the Docks -
  16. Duke rescue to Sir Handel - Sir Handel hangs on a cliff and is rescued by Duke
  17. TBA
  18. TBA
  19. TBA
  20. TBA


Characters Introduced

Duck may also appear.


  • From this season onwards, Quimby&walterfan took charge due DonaldDouglasandToby6's retirement from the wikia.

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