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Sir "Bertram" Topham Hatt is the manager in charge of the Sodor Railway. He is a small stout gentleman, He once owned a sentinel steam lorry named Elizabeth, and also owns a track inspection vehicle named Winston.


Season 1 - Races, Paxton Helps Out, Where's BoCo?, Bulgy the Vegetable Bus, The New Diesel Fuel, Repairing Old Slow Coach, Bertie and the Fog, Whiff the Clean Engine, Thomas and the Kitten, Oliver and the Snowstorm, Dave the Diesel, Salty Fries, Toby and Jennifer, Funny Jokes, and Donald, Douglas and the Fallen Tree (cameo)

Season 2 - Unique Stafford, Rosie and the Flying Kipper, Hay, Trevor and the Mud, Flora's New Coach, Wobbly Wheels, Tim and Tom, Rock Quarry Run. Daisy and the Chickens, Winston the World's Smallest Car, Sugar, Paxton in Trouble, Sodor Blackout, Down by the Docks, Hiro goes Home, Off to the Scrapyards, Thomas and the Christmas Surprise, and Percy and the Other Railway

Season 3 - Duncan's Donuts (mentioned), Murdoch and the Heavy Goods Train, Henry and Stanley, Duck and the Aligators, The Rude Truck, Red Paint, Grumpy George, Replacing the Logging Locos, The Tug, Scruff's Dirty Job, The Gold Mine, The Mail Depot, Harvey Joins the Team, Out of the Mine, Oliver and the Old Mansion, Dennis and Norman, The Adventure (cameo), and Musical Whistles

Season 4 - Hiro's New Snowplough, Thomas and the Fireworks, Diesel and the Barge, The New Fire Station, The Return of D199, Henry and the Coal, Fishy Trouble, The Trouble with Trucks, Tiger Moth the Show-off, The Country Show (cameo), Stanley and the Old Scrap, Runaway Coach, Bill and the Pit, Buster and George, Bulgy's Chickens and Toby's Seaside Trip

Season 5 - Mavis and the Late Night Track Repairs, James and Dennis, Thomas and the Dare, Toby and Rheneas, James' Bee, Percy and the Jam

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