Skarloey, Rusty and the Snow is the first episode of the fifth season

Skarloey, Rusty and the Snow

Written by:


Air Date:

July 31th 2012

Previous Episode:

Toby's Seaside Trip

Next Episode:

Blondin Bridge


It had been snowing very hard on Sodor and the Narrow Gauge engine were fealing the worst. Skarloey and Rusty were working the slate mines to the mountain. That day Skarloey had brought a long line of trucks to the incline. Skarloey was told to check the rope for the trucks he did so but not properly, the trucks made it to the top and broke the rope! the trucks just missed Skarloey and Rusty warned the signal man and he diverted the trucks away from Rusty. Skarloey was in trouble and had to keep working the mine while Rusty got to pull passengers. But when Duncan's trucks broke away from the incline while some other trucks derailed at the incline. Skalroey blew his whistle and warned Rusty! Rusty stopped just as Skalroey was buried in an avalanche of trucks nad snow! soon he was cleared up and sent away to the works. While Bertram was hauling Skarloey away he told Skalroey that the Thin Controller had planned Skarloey to be fixed with new parts and a new coat of paint!



  • The Wharf
  • The Incline
  • The Slate Mines
  • The Gorge


  • This is the third story written by SR3DFilms.

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