The Country Show

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Air Date

July 18th 2012

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Tiger Moth the Show-off

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Stanley and the Old Scrap

The Country Show is the fifteenth episode of fourth season.


It's the day of the Country Show, and Thomas was excited, he was going to the harbour for collect supplies to the Country show, just in time to see the ferry arriving, then for Thomas' surprise, Victor step out from the ferry, he tell Thomas how was his trip to Cuba for his repairs, and tell which language they speak on Cuba, Thomas was most amazed, on the way he meet Bertie, he tell Bertie all about Victor's adventure, Bertie told Thomas about his idea to make the country fair more special, Thomas listen and then do what Bertie told, at the steamworks, Thomas picks a wagon, he deliver the supplies to the fair on time and the steam to he harbour quickly, on the harbour, Victor was being cleaned when Thomas loads him on the wagon, Thomas soon arrives at the fair with Victor, some workmen places rails between the fields and the railway line, and Victor was the star of the show.



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