The Magic Engine is the fourtenth episode of Season 5

The Magic Engine

Written by:

Daniel Munoz

Air Date:

Agoust 30 2012

Provious episode:

Percy and the Jam

Next episode:

Henry Go to the Sea


Victor tells Peter Sam , on a yellow locomotive that comes and goes, Peter Sam is surprised and tells Rheneas , Rheneas Proteus tells it, the locomotive magic, and told him that Proteus was a locomotive as all but one day they placed a magic lamp, the Proteus discover the magic lamp was decided to use it to make deliveries faster, but missed trapped in magic, appearing and disappearing home looking for but never found. Then Peter Sam decided to look for Proteus, was dark and met Harold Proteus said he was just a tale of magic, then Peter Sam decided to return.

Later Luke carrying wood up under a bridge that was found with Proteus, and Luke came the shock of there as fast




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