The Mail Depot is the fifteenth episode of the third season.

The Mail Depot

Air Date

June 21, 2012

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The Gold Mine

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Harvey Joins the Team


One Morning Diesel asks Percy if he can pull the mail for him, Percy was not so sure, but he told Diesel to asks to Sir Topham Hatt, so Diesel goes to the Quarry, where Mavis was shunting slate cars, she warned Diesel to take care when he was delivering the mail, Diesel didn't listen to Mavis' advice and he arrived at Wellsworth with the mail cars, the workers loaded Diesel's cars with mail sacks. Diesel was Impatient, one of the sacks fell from the cars, the sack was open and all the letters spread on the rails, the conductor didn't know and Diesel lefts The Mail Depot, The Next day, some people and a policeman arrived on Sir Topham Hatt's office with complains of missing letters, Sir Topham Hatt arrived at the Quarry he look angrily for Diesel, Diesel then realized his fault, then Diesel arrived at The Mail Depot with Sir Topham Hatt and the police, Thomas was there with a sack full of dirty letters, the letters are the missing letters who Diesel lost. Diesel was pleased, so as the people on the plataform, that afternoon, Diesel was back at the Quarry, he tell Mavis all about his mistake and he promised to take advices next time.

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