The New Fire Station

Written By

Quimby&walterfan and DonaldDouglasandToby6

Air Date

July 9, 2012

Previous Episode

Muddy Thomas

Next Episode

Stepney's Spooky Night

The New Fire Station is the sixth episode of the fourth season.


One morning, Butch was going to the search and rescue center, when he arrived, Jack and Alfie were demolishing the main building of the rescue center, Sir Topham Hatt soon explained how the builders were rebuilding the main building, Butch was relieved, soon after months of construction, Rocky realized how small the new building was, Flynn was the only who fit in the building, Harold arrived, he told Rocky not to be worried, because that's was a fire station not the rescue center, all the rescue team members were worried, then Sir Topham hatt arrived on Toby and he explained about the change, the rescue center was built on the other side of the island, near Corvan's gate, and everyone cheered!




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