The Tug

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June 18, 2012

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The Tug is the twelfth episode of the third season.


One Morning, Percy was chosen to take some engine parts to Sidney at the Dieselworks. on the way he meet Salty, Percy asks to hear one of Salty's stories, and Salty tells a story about Juan, an old tramp steamer who had an accident with rocks, he sank and later he was scrapped, Percy was very amazed with Salty's story, and he entered into the Dieselworks, later at Brendam Docks, Salty was watching the ships when Captain arrived, he told Salty to take some workers to Bluff's Cove, when Salty arrived at Bluff's Cove a long tug boat was on his line, Butch removed the tug out of the tracks, and Salty take the old boat to The Smelter's Yard, later 'Arry and Bert pushed Salty into a ship, Sir Topham Hatt was most cross with The Diesels, he punished then severely, and for Salty, he send him to the mainland on the boat, and Salty smiled all the way to the repair yard at the mainland

Characters Edit


  • This is the third episode written by Quimby&walterfan.
  • This episode marks Captain's first speaking role.
  • Juan's name is a reference of Juan Diego Muños Suares, a producer.
  • This is the first episode to use bubbles of thoughts.
  • Juan's model was used in TUGS.


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