It takes a lot of dedication and contribution to run this wiki. With the admins making sure very page is in tip-top shape and categorised, We make this Wikia more popularized, and a peaceful place to work, there's always something new. Here you can get to know who is in charge and a bit about them.



DonaldDouglasandToby6 is the founder, nothing is more important to him than see his wikia full of info and pages about Thomas & Friends, he's always looking for an episode idea.


Quimby&walterfan is the first admin, and currently the head admin. He always like stories, He like other series related to Thomas & Friends like TUGS, Chuggington and Theodore Tugboat, and he's one of the most active admins on the wikia, and always thinks for an episode idea, when DonaldDouglasandToby6 is away, Quimby&walterfan keeps an eye on the wikia.


SR3DFilms is the second admin, he like fan fiction from Thomas & Friends, like many other users, and he's a fan of Pokemon, Family Guy and South Park, He writes fan fiction stories, and accepted to work here. He make series on his Youtube Channel.

Daniel Muñoz

Daniel Muñoz is a new admin there, along with Sunshinetug, He's Juan Diego Muños Suares' brother. he's a fan of Donkey Kong and his nationality is Colombian. he's a helpful user, and a reliable admin.


Sunshinetug also known as Kovu, is a big fan of TUGS and The Lion King. He's a new admin there.

Chatbox Moderators

Juan Diego Muños Suares

Juan Diego Muños Suares is one of the oldest users here, he started his work when DonaldDouglasandToby6 made the wikia, he's a fan of Dino Dan, and he's Daniel Muñoz's brother. along with Daniel Muñoz, Juan is Colombian, and he's one of the few foreigners here, as his borther is Colombian, and Quimby&walterfan is Brazilian, along with Lukas Duck Fan.

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