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taylor treehouse of horror versions and more part 1Edit

my first plot;when taylor and his family get home, casey taylor and ryan tell scary stories,the first story;return of the zombies,the story begins in a haunted house where the family go on holiday,the family don't know that the house is evil untill they to start attack each other and zombies appears near the windows and the family leave the house to the zombies ,the second story;roy ends,the family are taked by aliens and their leader roy tells them to kill em,but the family kill him and aliens and return to earth,the third and last story;lou the winner of fire,the family return home and relax but an evil winner name lou plans to destory,but the raven appears and stops him and family return home again and thank the raven,the last part of this;the family go to bed,but mum is scared,



devious diesel is a devious diesel stunter and he is the leader of the diesel team,he is main antagonist in thomas the tank engine,his design is based on the br class 08,unlike many of the show's designated antagonist,who were merely rude or bullying,diesel was very much like a more traditional antagonist and was always thinking up ways to cause trouble for thomas and his friends,diesel likes to play tricks on steamies,normal trains,which he hates and wants to become obsolete,he likes talking to the troublesome trucks and tell them to do bad things,

arry and bert are duo of unquestionably and scheming diesel engines,although at first they a hearted dislike steam engines,they grown accustomed to their stream puff companions,

diesel 10 is main antagonist from thomas and friends who debuted in the film thomas and the magic road and has a claw named pinchy


thomas the tank engine/places/characters/destoryed/defeated/plotsEdit

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