Thomas and the Christmas Surprise is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season.

Thomas and the Christmas Surprise

Air Date

June 1, 2012

Previous Episode

Off to the Scrapyards

Next Episode

Percy and the Other Railway


Thomas is sent to pick up a Christmas tree, lights, and decorations for Tidmouth Sheds. Toby, Donald, and Douglas offer to help. Thomas agrees. However, as they were about to crash into Sidney, the lights broke! As the wind blew, the decorations blew away. Thomas was cross. He soon got stuck in the snow. All the engines helped out Thomas. Toby got the tree, Paxton got the lights, Rosie fetches the decorations, Donald and Douglas cleared the snow, and Terence pulled Thomas free. Soon, Thomas came to Tidmouth Sheds. All the engines were the there. They were all happy, but Thomas was the happiest of all.



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